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New Animals Arrive at the Zoo

New Animals Arrive At ZooWorld

ZooWorld staff are excited to have welcomed an ark’s worth of new animals into their family over the last several months.  In addition to new hands-on animals in the farm yard, two binturong and three capybara have made their debut at the zoo.

         Pig       zebu      Goat

New Farm Friends: Joining long time residents, a miniature zebu heifer, a kunekune pig and three very tiny African pygmy goats make a great new addition the zoo’s hands-on farm yard.  Kunekune pigs are originally from New Zealand and were once kept only by the native Maori people.  Kunekune’s are mutli-colored versions of the more familiar pot-bellied pig and are known for having sweet docile natures.  Zebu cattle are indigenous to South Asia and are characterized by their large fatty hump.  These cows are considered sacred by some cultures.  African pymgy goats are a fun and boisterous goat that are often kept as pets.  These goats can be used as milk goats and enjoy interacting with zoo guests.

Capybara   Binturong_in_Overloon-660x449

New and Different: Its always good to keep things interesting, and these new zoo crew critters certainly do just that.  Three young capybara and two binturong have settled in nicely to their new surroundings.  Capybara are the world’s largest rodent, resembling a giant guinea pig.  They are semi-aquatic and spend quite a bit of their day swimming and frolicing in the water.  When full grown, these animals can reach over 150 pounds and can be found in groups numbering as many as 100 individuals.  Binturong, a rarely seen civet from South Asia, has been said to be the best smelling animal in the zoo.  Their civet gland produces an aroma that is often described as resembling popcorn or corn chips.

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Zoo Renovations Continue

Zoo Renovations Continue

A 30 Year Old Beach Icon Gets A Facelift

ZooWorld, which has been under new management since January 2015, has a new look.  Area contractors and zoo team members have spent the winter months hard at work renovating the zoo’s once degraded exterior.  Zoo director Kayte Hogan says, “We noticed that not only did the zoo look small and dingy from the outside, but it was hard to see.  People would drive right by without noticing it.”  Over grown foliage and a neutral color scheme were replaced with eye popping color and a more tropical and simple landscape theme.

The exterior renovations are just a taste of what the zoo has been doing since the new management team has been in place.  Lori Grahl, the Gift Shop Manager, who has been with the zoo for three years is, “…excited about the changes.  We have all been working hard not only to upgrade the facilities, but to improve the over all experience.  We get compliments every day on how clean the zoo is and how engaging our staff are.  This is a whole new era for ZooWorld.”

The interior and exterior renovations are planned to continue, a new front sign is nearly ready to be erected, there are embellishments still to be added to the newly constructed fence along Allison Avenue and Front Beach Road, and there is talk of several new exhibits in the works as well.

“We really want to thank everyone who has worked so hard to make the zoo look so amazing!” an exuberant Kayte Hogan explains, “We keep our work local, so that we can support or community.  By doing this, the zoo has made several really great friends!  Trees R Us has been fantastic with landscape and equipment work and Euphoria Murals is still working tirelessly to add beautiful touches throughout the zoo.”

It looks like ZooWorld is going to be looking good for its next 30 years.

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