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Experience the WILD!

Its a great place to take a break from the beach and create lasting family memories! ZooWorld Zoological Park, located in beautiful Panama City Beach, Florida is home to exotic animals from all over the world and you won’t need binoculars to see them! Pet a slothkiss a kangaroo, feed a giraffe, meet a lemur…or even pet a porcupine!

This place is wilder than the beach at spring break!

 2023 and ZooWorld is the place to be!

This year we are continuing our trend of award winning improvements and interactive facility upgrades.  This year we unveiled a brand new alligator experience area that is home to 40 yearling gators and will make sure that your Florida vacation is what dreams are made of.

Do you love Capybaras? Visit with “Coconut” in an up-close animal experience and enjoy the best capybara cuddles ever!  “Coconut” is a very special capybara who has been raised by our fantastic animal care staff.

Later this year we will begin construction on the most amazing sloth habitat around!  


It’s 2021 and the zoo is better than ever!

New exhibits! New experience! New animals! You won’t believe what we’ve been doing this year.  Keep watching as we wrap up construction on the new Madagascar lemur experience area, an immersive new addition that QUADRUPLES the living space for our ruffed lemurs and will provide zoo guests better viewing and more interactive areas to enjoy these perfect prosimians!

New Experiences unveiled!

Scratch a tapir… what’s a tapir?  Visit ZooWorld to meet and offer a scratch to one of our newest animal additions!     OR

Join us at the newly opened Steve-O’s pub Australian exhibit to feed and hold a baby kangaroo.  Like your animals a bit more on the scaly side?  You could choose to feed our family of bearded dragons while you sip on a frosty beverage    OR

Tickle the tummies of the adorable bat-eared fox family and Meet and greet with the zoo’s own African crested porcupines, Quillary Clinton and Quillard Scott! Just be careful where you pet!


New Animals Arriving Fall 2020!

2 new species of animal will be joining the ZooWorld family in fall of 2020!  We are excited to continue moving forward with zoo renovations and to be adding animals that the zoo has never housed before.  Want to know what the mystery animals are?  Check back in October!


New Exhibit Opening Fall 2020!

The Wanayama Pori Air Strip Adventure will feature a new LARGER interactive lion exhibit, African crested porcupine nursery and crane breeding facility…and a few other surprises! 

Hatchet Throwing Experience NOW OPEN!

Connect with your inner lumberjack and test your skills at our newest attraction!


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