Kayleigh’s Corner

Kayleigh’s Corner

Kayleigh’s Corner


Meet Kayleigh, the newest member of the ZooWorld team!


Hi everyone! I am very excited to be starting work at ZooWorld as their new marketing coordinator! A bit of me, I’m a current graduate student with Florida State University in their Master’s in Communications program. I married my high school sweetheart, Trey, on Halloween of 2015, and together we have four adorable dogs Aqua, Digby, Katniss, and Tyrion. I have lived in Panama City my whole life and am amazed at all the changes and updates that have come to ZooWorld since my last visit.

While I do not have any prior experience working in a zoo, animals have always been my passion! This opportunity to work with ZooWorld has been fascinating! ZooWorld’s Director Kayte and I thought it would be interesting for me to share my new discoveries as I begin working in and exploring the Zoo from a different perspective. We hope that it will encourage our zoo fans to do the same (we LOVE hearing from you all!).  As I make new discoveries,  I’ll be sharing them here on this blog so stay tuned as I will likely be updating frequently since there are so many amazing animals and activities to discover!

One of my first discoveries was meeting the zoo’s AMAZING Binturong! You can find Maggie and Sash near the award winning lion and hyena exhibit. Binturongs are nicknamed, “bearcats” because of their appearance and cat-like yowling ability. I have always heard that bearcats smell like popcorn and have been obsessed with finding out if this was true since I was young! I was so excited to finally get to see them at ZooWorld and finally get a smell for myself. I was lucky, and it was very windy out on my first visit back, so I was able to get a good whiff of their natural… aroma… and was really pleased to find that it DID actually smell just like popcorn! I wouldn’t recommend doing this with all of the Zoo’s animals, but now I can vouch for Maggie and Sash.

I would highly recommend making your way out to ZooWorld to see Maggie and Sash and test this out for yourself! Do you think they smell like popcorn? Share your own ZooWorld discoveries with us on our social media pages linked below. Also, did you know you could have up-close animal adventures with some of the great animals at the zoo? Check out the Adventures page on our website or ask at the front desk at your next visit! Animal experiences are educational up-close interactions with some of the coolest animals I’ve ever met and are an excellent opportunity to make some of your own discoveries!

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