Looking For Ways to Support the Zoo?

The best way is to let us see you…

Daily Admission & Season Pass Purchases

ZooWorld does not receive any government funding or assistance.  We rely on admissions, our gift shop and concession sales to cover our expenses.  The best way for the community to support our pursuit of conservation through the education of our guests is to simply come in and enjoy the zoo!


There are great volunteer opportunities at ZooWorld that fit any interest.  Assist zookeepers with educational encounters or plant a garden.  If you are interested in sharing your time with us,

Item Donations

While all item donations are appreciated, our limited space prevents us from being able to accept every item offered.  Please see the list below for items that are the most useful to our animals.

  • Boomer balls or related toys, 3/4″ rope in lengths of 5 feet or longer, Fire hose in 25′ lengths or longer
  • Boomer balls are made to withstand the power of exotic animals such as bears, and large cats. boomer balls can be ordered directly through the company that produces them and shipped to the zoo. please visit
General Items
  • Towels that are in good repair


boomer ballAll contributions are applied directly to capital improvement projects unless otherwise specified.   Current projects in need of funding are:

Lion Exhibit, Sidewalk Repair, Fence Repair, Koi Touch Tank

You may send your donation by clicking on the button below or directly to the zoo.

Your contributions are tax deductible!

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