Get Up Close and Personal

Get Up Close and Personal

Sloth Encounter

Zoo World’s animal adventures allow you to get up close to one of the most fascinating animals at the zoo.

$35.00 per person

Pet a Sloth at Zoo World Panama City Beach

Allapattah Swamp Alligator Feeding Experience

Witness More than 60 Hungry Alligators Waiting to be Fed

$10.00 for a feed bucket

Feed over 60 alligators in Panama City Beach

Giraffe Feeding Tower

A private giraffe tour will have you eye to eye with the world tallest animal!  No, we don’t charge extra for the giraffe kisses.

$35.00 per person
(includes 3 lettuce leaves)

Feed a Giraffe in Panama City Beach Florida

Lemur Encounter

Have you ever snuggled with an endangered species?

$35.00 per person

Lemur Encounter Panama City Beach Zoo World

Hold An Alligator

Get up close to one of world’s oldest predators as you defy common sense and hold a dinosaur!


Budgie Bush-Walk Aviary

Walk through a free flight aviary with hundreds of colorful and exotic birds.  Want an event closer experience, don’t forget to bring in a Budgie Stick!

($1.50 per stick or 4 sticks for $5.00)

Feed the birds $1.50

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