Get Up Close and Personal

Get Up Close and Personal

Sloth Experience

Check it off your bucket list and pet a sloth!

$35.00 per person

Pet a Sloth at Zoo World Panama City Beach

Allapattah Swamp Alligator Feeding Experience

Witness More than 80 Hungry Alligators Waiting to be Fed

$10.00 for a feed bucket

Feed over 60 alligators in Panama City Beach

Giraffe Feeding Tower

An up-close giraffe tour will have you eye to eye with the world tallest animal!  No, we don’t charge extra for the giraffe kisses.

$35.00 per person
(includes 3 lettuce leaves)

Feed a Giraffe in Panama City Beach Florida

Lemur Experience

Have you ever snuggled with an endangered species?

$35.00 per person

Lemur Encounter Panama City Beach Zoo World

Alligator Experience

Get up close to one of world’s oldest predators as you defy common sense and hold a dinosaur!


Budgie Bush-Walk Aviary

Walk through a free flight aviary with hundreds of colorful and exotic birds.  Want an even closer experience, don’t forget to bring in a Budgie Stick!

($1.50 per stick or 4 sticks for $5.00)

Feed the birds $1.50

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